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Picnic 2


We had a wonderful picnic in Rokakouen with our little friends today! The weather was perfect and there was lots of playing, eating, and of course sleeping! It was so fun!

Riko’s Birthday party


One of our friends turned 2 today! She got a lovely card, ate some delicious melon cake and her mummy came too!! Thanks for the cake! Happy Birthday Riko!

June Picnic!


We took a trip to Rokakouen as a class! It was a great trip! We rode on the roller slide, played on the see -saw and had a picnic! To top it off the weather was parfect!!

Cooking and a picnic!


In the morning we made yummy apple muffins and went on an adventure to a local park!! Our older friends rode on the train, and our younger friends took the bus!! We ate the muffins and played in a the park. It was a great day!!

Hina Matsuri


The class took pictures as Hina-sama Odaito-sama!!! It was so fun!

Parachute Play


We played with parachute with our friends today and enjoyed bringing it up, down, and spinning in a circle! When we brought it down fast we could make wind too!!

Water Transfer with eye droppers


Today we used eye-droppers to transfer water into various containers. The children had a hands-on sensory good time!

Dramatic Play: Doctors


All the children really enjoyed playing doctors and taking caring of patients. They got check for fever, for ouchies, using a stethoscope and putting on band-aid.

Exploration through the magnifying glass


The children enjoyed exploring the space around them and making their eyes look really big while laughing and learning!

Staying Healthy: Preparing Vegetables


We all practiced cutting and peeling vegetables! It was fun, healthy, and delicious!

Giving our animals a bath!


We learned about the importance of taking a bath today by washing all our animals.

Happy Valentine’s day❤️


Our babies made Valentine’s cookies in a very comfortable and safe as their first experience outside their home!!

Teeth brushing


We learned about brushing our teeth and staying healthy with Mr Duck today!!

Dragon parade


We made a Chinese dragon and did the Chinese dragon parade to celebrate Chinese New Year!!

新年快乐 Happy Chinese New Year!


We are working on a two week project to make a dragon for the dragon dance to celebrate Chinese New Year!!



We made Eho Maki today!
The children really enjoyed making , and eating their culture creations.

Happy New year


Happy New Year from all at BNS!
We are looking forward to a year filled with fun and new opportunities. Hoping you all can join us on this amazing journey through childhood!

Santa visit!!


Don't forget that Santa Claus will be making an early visit on December 5th. All good children can tell him their Christmas wishes. Ho ho ho!